Some gentlemen out there may think that acquiring a custom-fit suit is too expensive and a guy that has a regular job and a regular life would not need a custom fit suit since they can buy a suit from the department suit that will do just fine for special events or proper meetings.  

We beg to disagree on this because we think that the claims about custom made suits are not all necessary true and we can even tell you some of the reasons why you should also go for a custom made suit for you so if you are interested in this then you should go on reading our article. See more below.  

ALLEGORY: It is not convenient to go and meet a tailor 

This claim is very false since it will be more inconvenient transferring from one store to another in a different location and fitting the suits one by one to see their fit on you. The process of going to the tailor and them taking your size and making the whole suit may sound inconvenient but we assure you that this is really much better than jumping from one store to another just for one clothing item and finding an item that is not really made for you but it is just acceptable for your size which is not worth it at all.  

When you choose to shop from department stores for your suit then you have to make sure that you have a lot of gas and a lot of money to get ready for this quest.  

Although the process of hiring a tailor to make a custom made suit for you may take you days before you can get the finished product but this is really a great way on how to save money rather than buying one that is only pre-made from any boutique or store in your area. And you are not really sure if the pre-made suit that you are going to buy will satisfy your taste, your style, size, body figure and everything that you put into consideration and surely, if the quality is not point then it will not last a long time therefore you have to buy a new one every once in a while to keep you looking classy in a suit.  


As what we have said above, there is really a difference between pre-made suits and custom made ones. A lot of people believes that there is little to no difference between the two but we beg to disagree because when you let a tailor do a suit for you that means that you can also choose the kind and type of cloth that you want to use and that means that you will be able to choose from different patterns and quality among the different types of cloth that is available in the market.  

Also, pre-made suits are made by machines and they are produces in batches while custom made suits are overseen by the tailor and there is really one person who is making sure that the overall quality of the suit is on point.